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Adweek tribute to "Mad Men" gets it right


image of don draper in tribute to mad men gets it right blog Don Draper teaches the world to sing in perfect harmony.


In this week after the final episode of the "Mad Men" finale, there has been lots of commentary about the show, the finale in particular, the moving on of each of the characters, and the Coke ad. And I would like to comment on the commentary from two sources in particular: Time and Adweek.

The two publications covered Wednesday’s interview with the show’s creator Matthew Weiner and novelist A.M. Homes at the New York Public Library. Time came out with an intro paragraph and a recap borrowed from Ashley Lee of the Hollywood Reporter which can only be described as poorly written, confusing, and rushed. It’s as if the writer simply took soundbites and organized them onto a page to get the report out the fastest (thus foregoing all editing). The Adweek article, published a day later, was well written and far more more thoughtful, bringing the reader to the interview by crafting a story that wove not only the contents of the interview, but observations of the actual interview itself. Thank you, Adweek. I needed that.

In the final scenes – which brought tears to my eyes – as my beloved characters (Don, of course, Roger, Peggy, Joan, Sally) and even my not-so-favorites (Pete, Betty) faced their next chapters, Matthew Weiner wrapped the series up in the perfect bow ending with a historic, famous, and iconic commercial. As Don relaxed into a perfect and new self-awareness and acceptance, he freed his mind. As the yogi so aptly said, “The new day brings new hope, the lives we’ve led, the lives we’ve yet to lead. New day, new ideas, a new you.” And a new (in 1971) Coke ad.

Thank you Matthew Weiner for the memories, thank you for bringing me back the Coke ad from my youth, and thank you for not killing off Don Draper.

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