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Amazing leadership brands: Christina Andreoli, President, Discover Central Mass

Christina-Andreoli-1.jpgChristina Andreoli gets things done. That much I knew before I had the opportunity to interview her. Christina’s boundless energy, ability to juggle a million things, vision for the future – and of course, her winning smile – motivates people into action.

Already VP of the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce, she has risen to the rank of President of the recently formed Discover Central Mass (DCM), where she is embracing all that is Worcester, her hometown. Diving in head first is not new for Christina, having claimed to be uber involved in both Notre Dame High School, and Syracuse where she went to college (Go Orange!) Her drive comes deep from her love of what she does and for the community and entire region she serves. She is one of the fresh new faces that is helping Worcester County realize its potential.

In her work with DCM, Christina is helping to craft the narrative surrounding the Worcester County region amongst business owners, investors, destination seekers, and event planners. “Combining the edginess of Worcester with the rural appeal of the bordering towns gives a cool, diverse, unique but authentic feel,” says Christina. And, while her passion for this dichotomous region is what drives her, it’s her ability to bring people together that helps execute strategy, solve problems, and create success. When she is given a project, she focuses on bringing the right people into the equation to do what’s needed. She told me she has found that you can’t beat face-to-face communication, if you want to truly understand what someone is working on, their passions, and how they might be willing to help.

While all my experience with Christina would seemingly brand her a die-hard and dedicated leader, she doesn’t see herself that way at all. She admitted, “I’m intense. I work hard. I expect others to work hard,” but she doesn’t talk about being in charge – especially to her young daughters. Instead, the simple yet powerful legacy Christina wants her two girls to carry into their lives is centered on the practice of kindness. Recognizing how often this basic building block of human interaction is lost, Christina is determined to model and instill kindness in her children. Her favorite book is “Everything I’ve Learned, I Learned in Kindergarten.” Work hard. Be kind. Be considerate. It’s all right there.

No stranger to brand and marketing, Christina understands a key to effective communication is telling your story. She has helped position DCM to tell its story constantly and consistently. It’s all about what they do, why they do it, and why others should care. When I asked Christina about a brand that she personifies, she was quick to answer, “Tom’s – the shoe company with a great product who also contributes to the greater good.” Well, I think that tells the Christina Andreoli story pretty well.

To read the full transcript, click here.

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