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Amazing leadership brands: Dave Peterson, Worcester Bravehearts

image of Dave PetersonI’ve known David “Peterman” Peterson for a long time, including the three years he worked as an account manager at Idea Agency, so I knew this interview would be a blast. The “Peterman” nickname was born at Syracuse University when he found a typo on the sign taped to his dorm room door. At the time, Seinfeld was popular, so the Peterman moniker stuck. And, over the years, the brand of Peterman came to life.

Today, the name “Peterman” has become almost synonymous with the Worcester Bravehearts. It’s easy to spot the vibrant General Manager at the ballpark on any given summer night. You might see him directing traffic, running the moon bounce, overseeing the food and greeting guests or in the field tossing t-shirts into the stands. He makes it his business to know how to do every job and to get his hands dirty to gain invaluable, practical insight into the needs of the organization.

Peterman considers building trust with and inspiring his team his most important role. After each game, the staff eats dinner together and discusses what went well, what didn’t, and what they can fix. All the employees are acutely aware of the preparation he demands to guarantee a clean park and happy fans. In fact, the word preparation was mentioned several times in our interview, and Peterman recounts this attribute as part of his DNA during many points in his life, from being valedictorian in high school, to working at the SU radio station, to his jobs as promotions manager at WXLO and serving clients in his roles at the agency or with the baseball teams.

The entertainment aspect of Peterman’s personal brand is undeniable, and he is driven to ensure that Bravehearts fans leave the ballpark with a smile on their face. So really, looking at it from the big picture, Peterman’s job isn’t about selling baseball tickets as much as it is about running a business that is an important part of the local community. The education, charitable outreach, and community engagement is what Peterman is most proud about – and is where his leadership brand really shines. He loves being part of a bigger conversation. Which is probably why when I asked him what his favorite brand would be, he stated Bark Box.

Bark Box is a fun, conversational brand that talks to you almost as if it’s talking to your dog. Their marketing avoids selling and focuses on connecting with fun dog related things like hilarious videos or articles that are useful to pet owners. Peterman relates well to this brand, as he prioritizes making people laugh, smile and generally have a good time versus giving a sales pitch. The engaging and helpful Bark Box brand seems to align with David Peterson perfectly!

To read the full transcript, click here.

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