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Amazing leadership brands: Peter Stanton, Publisher, Worcester Business Journal; CEO, New England Business Media

image of Peter Staton, Publisher of the Worcester Business Journal Creativity. It was a central theme throughout my interview with Peter Stanton, and it's no wonder we've hit it off for so many years. I remember first meeting Peter when he was with Worcester Magazine many years ago, before he and his business partner bought the publications Worcester Business Journal, Hartford Business Journal, and MaineBiz, forming New England Business Media in 2007. "This is really a creative enterprise," he expressed, explaining the transformation that starts with a blank piece of paper and ends with a rich publication filled with features, stories, and insights, bringing news and information to the regions' business communities. He was also quick to point out, that with today's new media and digital assets, sometimes that "blank piece of paper" only stays blank for a few hours each morning as they update their readers with a half dozen news stories by lunch.

Creativity continued to weave its way through our interview as Peter illustrated how it permeates the business. "There is creativity in storytelling, there is creativity in graphic presentation, and there is creativity in creating new brands and solving new problems." I think the last part of the statement is evident in how the Worcester Business Journal has transformed with the times. As other papers seem to be faltering, WBJ has added digital assets, evolving into a multimedia B2B information and news company, that brings value to its readers in whatever way they want to consume it.

It is clear this creativity is a main driver not only to the business, but to how Peter Stanton leads and inspires others. He beats the drum of staying relevant, not settling on past success, delivering value to the audience, and always challenging yourself to improve and stay fresh. Culture is very important to all the publications of New England Business Media. With a focus on journalism that really matters, they have set up cross-department, cross-office teams to encourage sharing, apply creative energy to new projects, and to be responsible for their own outcomes. Peter explained that, "everyone has pride in their work, they’re not being given the cookie cutter corporate template."

In the off hours, Peter enjoys visual storytelling as well through drawing and painting, his favorite being illustrations and architectural renderings done in pen and ink. When I asked him if he was a famous brand, which brand would it be, he stated Subaru. A conscious brand that has values; not ostentatious, reliable and…good in the snow. Always the creative!

For the full interview, click here.

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