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Amazing leadership brands: Tim Murray, Worcester Chamber of Commerce

image of Tim Murray Maybe it’s his persistence – or “impatience” - he said with a smirk, that has contributed to Tim Murray’s lasting presence in countless public offices since 1998 and resulted in the forward movement of organizations, higher education, and the local communities across Massachusetts that he’s been involved with. His dedicated, honorable mindset, underlying sense of loyalty and sheer authenticity was evident throughout our interview and have seemingly been a driving force throughout his career.

Setting his sights on the economic future of the Central Mass region, Tim accepted the position of President of the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce in 2013 and has worked with his team to live and breathe a “Recruit. Retain. Incubate.” mantra.  This statement was specifically developed to re-energize the business community, marrying the local higher education institutions with Worcester businesses to build a stronger economic future. His sense of duty to the local businesses, residents, and students has carried through as he has worked on building member value through social media, events, partnerships, advocacy, and more.

Tim’s social profile reads “Be civil and be responsible, and be willing to put your name to your words.” This call for authenticity delighted me as I recognized a golden rule for building a strong brand — a rule that calls for authenticity and ownership. I brought this quote up in the midst of our interview, and Tim responded poignantly, sharing that he felt that the tendency of individuals to hide behind anonymity in this digital age had resulted in a conversations becoming coarse, breaking down civility and communication in our society.

Lastly, I asked Tim to choose a famous brand that he had an affinity to, and I was thrilled that he mentioned a legendary personal brand— Vince Lombardi. Tim himself played football at Fordham, just as the renowned coach had, and remembered a book written by Lombardi as one of the best he had ever read. When Pride Still Mattered instilled in Murray a sense of stick-to-itiveness that he credits for his resilience, optimism, and hard-work. To this day, a Vince Lombardi print hangs on his wall. Whether it be on the football field or in the realm of business, it just goes to show that amazing leadership can inspire across industries, environments, and even decades.

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