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Audience Audit: Learn About Your Target Market With Audience Research

image of audience audit researchAudience audit is attitudinal segmentation research that identifies your audience and their motivations based on WHY they buy. Sure, you probably have an idea of who your audience is demographically (who they are) or even behaviorally (what they do), but what really drives them into action? The "why" is the most critical question marketers need to answer, Once you look through the lens of what motivates them, you can adapt everything from strategic marketing and sales planning, to operational initiatives to your customer service approach.

How does Audience Audit help you?

In order to get to the point where your marketing and brand efforts can be driven by customer attitudes, you need to have the audience research in place. That's where audience audit comes in. This in-depth, marketing research tool was designed to help companies understand how to frame and craft their messaging to resonate with their target audiences. Essentially, it's how you should say what you need to say. The result is an audience that is more willing to engage with your brand because they feel their needs are being met. This allows you to build stronger more meaningful relationships which ultimately will increase your revenue.

Idea Agency is the premier provider of Audience Audit Research in New England.

Here is a quick overview of the audience audit process:

Explore: we'll guide you through the details of our process and gather everything needed for kickoff.

Develop: we'll collaborate to develop customized, hyper-targeted research tools such as survey content. 

Collect: we'll collect the unfiltered data from your audiences

Analyze: we'll dig into the data to uncover the attiudinal segments and motivations of your audience.

Present: finally, we'll present our finds to you.

Click here to learn more about Audience Auditincluding a wide variety of the elements included in the research. You can view casestudies to see the power of what attiudinal research can do for businesses just like you. 


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