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What is a Brand Brief? Your Roadmap to Success

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Coming out of any brand development process – the most important document you should receive is the brand brief. As the beacon of your brand, it should be used as a road map for every department in your company from operations to HR to marketing. Sure, a big part of executing on brand comes out of your marketing department. The brand brief helps formulate messaging to build awareness and connect with your audience, it directs promotions to move product, it informs messaging platforms and content for social applications. But the brand brief should serve as your operational guidepost. The brand brief is one of the most practical things you receive at the end of the brand development process. Here are several ways it can help.

How Does A Brand Brief Help Grow Your Business?

A brand brief can help as you plan or make changes to your office. When you are designing your office space or picking out furniture or even choosing your on-hold music, what do you take into consideration? The most successful businesses don't just use the personal taste of the owner, they focus primarily on the brand and culture they are aspiring too. That's all summed up nicely in your brand brief. From an HR standpoint, knowing your brand helps when it comes to hiring the right employees and training them to be the brand. Remember, brand is experience. Your customers' experience with your employees is a large portion of your brand. From a business standpoint, staying true to your brand promise can even help identify possible acquisition opportunities or potentially negative opportunities that you would do best to avoid. 

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Creative Brief vs. Brand Brief

Unlike a creative brief, which is typically developed to provide direction on a singular campaign or execution, the brand brief takes a bigger picture view and outlines what is needed to create a defendable, deliverable and desirable brand experience. A good brand brief should include the goals and objectives of the business along with an overview of the marketplace and the audience, but at the very least, it should wrap up with a strong brand essence and brand promise. Once everyone from the president to the guy in the mail room understand and live the brand promise, then you know you are on the road to success.

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Your brand brief is the derivative of many core organizational elements, including:

  • Vision statement
  • Mission statement
  • Company core values
  • Competitive advantages
  • Key products or services
  • Differentiators
  • Key audience factors
  • Stakeholders

And much more. A brand brief is a the culmination of a lot of work and research. It's vital to your success in the pursuit of building a long-lasting brand so it's worth being thoughtful, taking your time, and being highly strategic.

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