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How do I market a new college program?


Build your program web pages

Part of your strategy needs to be developing specific web pages for your program. This usually includes an informational page that details the ins and outs of the course. It probably also includes a landing page where you can drive visitors and convert them into leads. An optimized web experience is vital to connecting with the modern student.

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Google AdWords

It typically takes awhile for a page to organically attract traffic and achieve high search results. If you’re trying to meet enrollment goals with hard deadlines, you won’t have time to wait for the page to build up traffic organically. Fortunately, there is a great option to help expedite the process: Google AdWords. You can use Google AdWords to drive traffic to your landing page by promoting your page to hyper-targeted audiences. This is a vital part of a new program launch.

Social media

A new program is an exciting announcement for an institution. A press release is a great option to make the announcement. However, consider how to use social media in unique ways to make the announcement a fun post. You want something that will stand out from your normal posts and will hopefully lead to engagement. Request a group of faculty and staff (and students, if possible) to share the post. Consider boosting posts about the program to maximize the return on investment.

More: why you need a social media plan.

Your current student body

Sometimes, the solution isn’t only about finding new students to fill the seats. It may be that you can market the new program to your current database. Use collateral, email, social, bulletin space to excite your current student body.

Industry websites

Industry websites can promote your program to professionals and aspiring professionals who are researching the jobs your program could lead to. This is a quick way to get in front of the right audience as an industry website has already segmented down their market.

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