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How to attract more and better clients

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As seen in the May 1 edition of the Worcester Business Journal.

Attracting the right audience doesn’t just happen, it takes a strategic approach. For decades, companies used advertising to reach prospective clients and customers. They would put out their message, often in the only available media options: radio, TV, print or outdoor. That seemed to be enough to do the trick. Consumers were entertained, they connected and they became loyal to the brands resonating with them.

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The internet turned that all on its head. The number of digital media outlets born in just the last decade alone is in the thousands. Consumers are quick to change brand loyalty based on comparison shopping and fl ash sales. Even though there are more options to target your audience, the new savvy consumer doesn’t necessarily want to hear your advertising message like they used to. Today, consumers can turn your messages on and off like never before. They are in the driver’s seat and control the content that comes to them.

So, what is the secret sauce that will help you attract not only more prospects, but the ones that are a good fi t for your business?

The answer is to utilize a dual strategy of building an amazing brand that commands long-lasting attention and layering on a performance marketing approach that connects with the right audience to drive revenue. It is this one two brand-and-marketing punch to attract more of the top-tier clients.

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Build a strong brand to command attention, build loyalty and stand the test of time.

A brand is not your logo, jingle, tagline, website or mascot. A brand is a claim of distinction – it’s your stake in the ground saying what you stand for, better than anyone else. Building a strong brand is a consistent drumbeat of your promise. It may not change business overnight, but it strengthens over time. Strong brands live at the intersection of management’s vision, internal culture and audience motivation. That last part – what drives your audience – is the basis for creating your marketing plan.

Implement a customer-centric marketing plan to provide the right value to the right people at the right time.

You can’t be everything to everyone, so it’s important to figure out who your best prospect is by studying your ideal client types. Dive deep into details like the buying habits, pain points and media consumption of your top customers to get clarity around who your best prospects are. From there, map out the customer journey to ascertain which types of messaging and deliverable will be most welcomed at each stage of that journey.

Think about today’s consumer; chances are they have already done a ton of research prior to reaching a conclusion. If they are talking to you, you may very likely be already in their consideration set. How are you connecting with them at the proper stage? Provide something of value that creates trust and confi dence.

When you take the time to build a brand that your audience can relate to and when you implement strategies that connect with your consumer on their terms, you will attract, not only a larger number of leads, but better qualifi ed ones at that. Great leads turn into great clients.

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