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LEGO gets in on the blue dress conversation – the right way


Lego gets in on the blue dress conversation Lego gets it right with #TheDress, #Dressgate


This is not a commentary about the blue dress vs. white dress. For the record I cannot believe this whole irrelevant blue dress conversation is even happening – the fact that every news station is talking about it, that it blew up social media, that people are actually arguing over it – doesn’t anyone have anything better to do?

This is an article about getting in on the conversation in a relevant-to-your brand kind of way. You never know what’s going to go viral, but when you are quick enough and skilled enough to jump in on the conversation in a meaningful way, you stand out from the many others who are trying to get noticed, but dismally fall short. Lego quickly put up a Facebook post solving the whole blue vs. white debacle by offering a solution. You can have both – with a great shot of one lego gal wearing a blue and black striped dress, and another wearing white and gold. Short, sweet, brilliant! Go Lego. On point, on time, on brand.

Second place goes to the Minnesota State Patrol who also got in on the Twitter action and made it their own (pretty funny, I think): They don’t have #TheDress – or any dresses – in jail. Drive sober & pay attention. Again, on point, on time, on brand.

For those who are in the “dismally falling short category,” there is a long list. Those brands who either had nothing meaningful or witty to add to the conversation or who were really stretching their borrowed interest: Burger King, Bombas (sock company), Joe Biden’s wife, the band Kansas, Koons Ford, Subaru, Beer Salt, GreenPeace and the list goes on.

(For the record, the whole dress thing isn’t some miracle of science, it is simply an overexposed picture. The internet is full of unprofessional, poorly color corrected images, simple as that. Adjust the levels, the dress becomes the right color.)

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