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Meet Christine Tieri

image of christine tieriChristine Tieri is President at Idea Agency, a brand development and performance marketing firm she founded over 20 years ago. With a passion for problem solving and a quest for continuous improvement, Christine works with businesses, brands, communities and individuals to create amazing transformations never before imagined. As the only Certified Brand Strategist in New England, Christine is driven to discover her clients’ unique position to help them put their stake in the ground, and align their business, brand, and marketing strategies.

Prior, Christine worked for New York City ad agencies – from creative boutiques to global firms. She took the good (amazing creative and incredible service), left the bad (bureaucracy, expensive sandwiches), and started up her own agency – back in New England where she grew up.


Amongst the many creative awards bestowed upon her agency, Christine has been named Business Person of the Year by her local Chamber of Commerce, Outstanding Women In Business by the Worcester Business Journal, member of The Brand Establishment Leadership Council, and the National Speakers Association. Christine is a sought-after speaker on brand, integrated marketing, and ideation. She is the author of BrandStanza – little ditties that build big brands.

Speaking and workshops

Christine is a sought after speaker on the topics of brand, integrated marketing, and ideation. She is an expert facilitator in workshops that help companies solve business problems creatively.

Christines presentation was packed with illuminating anecdotes, creative branding ideas and refreshing good humor.  Christine sure knows how to deliver a first-class presentation in an inspiring and entertaining manner!

Karen J. Chapman, President, Corridor Nine Area Chamber of Commerce


“Christine is an engaging, energetic speaker who knows how to give an informative, interesting presentation that keeps her audience focused and involved. Whether shes talking about brand development, advertising strategies, audience or analytics, she is a natural and knowledgeable professional speaker.”

Cynthia Allegrezza, Co-President, The Communicators Club


With her never-ending quest for knowledge and pursuit of excellence, Christine has affiliated herself and Idea Agency with some of the best organizations in the business:

The Brand Establishment: After rigorous training, education, and testing provided by the Brand Establishment, Christine earned the title of Certified Brand Strategist – one of just a few dozen in North America and the only one in New England. Recognized as the new generation of thought leaders in brand development and branding, the organization meets twice yearly to continue their development and hone their expertise to help build brands around the country.

Agency Management Institute (AMI): To be an AMI member, agency principals must commit to a minimum of 40 hours of education each year surrounding the technical, ethical, and practical knowledge on industry areas such as law, accounting, growing clients’ businesses, relationship building, trends, and more. Further, each agency must commit to the AMI manifesto promising to conduct themselves as their clients’ best advocates and partners. With a network of like-minded agencies across the country, AMI member agencies can offer best-in-class services to their clients.

Second Wind Network: For nearly 20 years, Idea Agency has been a member of Second Wind – an organization dedicated to giving smaller to mid-sized agencies the power they need to compete in today’s marketplace. With vast resources and services typically only affordable to larger agencies, Second Wind makes things like research, analytics, insights, and much more accessible to its members. Second Wind also offers education and networking with fellow agencies to put members in touch with the knowledge and expertise needed to succeed.

About Idea Agency

Known for smart thinking, creative excellence, and business integrity, Idea Agency employs the dual strategy of building bold brands that command long-lasting attention, and creating high-performance marketing activities that drive results. Led by the only Certified Brand Strategist in New England, our team is passionate about doing incredible work alongside enthusiastic clients such as: UMass Memorial Medical Center, UMass Medical School, Hudson Valley Community College, Peppers Artful Events, EdHealth, DXtera, and others. For more information about brand development and performance marketing, please visit or call 508-347-7793.

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