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Rebranding Enhances Internal Culture


We believe that most people who work for non-profit organizations care. They care about their work, the difference they are making, and the people they are helping. Caring about people is at the foundation of every good non-profit. But by itself, it isn’t always enough. A strong non-profit not only has employees who care about what they do, they care about where they do it – the organization they represent.

Employee Buy-In

Leaders often face the challenge of getting employees to take pride in where they work, buy into what the organization stands for, and represent it to the community. Employees tend to work their own way and can become somewhat of lone rangers. The goal is to have them embrace companywide values, use the best practices, and become a team pushing in one direction.

Clear, Concise Brand Message

One of the major benefits of a non-profit rebranding is that it can grab the attention of the employees and raise their commitment level to the company. Also. creating a fresh position in the marketplace and helping to increase awareness. The 40- year old organization Rehabilitative Resources Inc. came to us because their brand no longer told the whole story behind the organization. We were able to meet with their senior management team and come up with a clear, concise, and consistent message that not only represented what the company is now, but what it hoped to be in the future. We created them the brand Venture Community Services along with a new logo which they can now take great pride in. The new logo “the v-wheel” was used to create office murals along with jackets and mugs to distribute to their employees who act as the organizations best brand ambassadors. Their new brand establishes them in a new position in the market and opens up the door for expansion. To hear more about some of the benefits that came out of their brand development process check out their testimonial video here

Brand Manifesto

With your new brand, develop a brand manifesto which gives a clear, concise messaging, for the employees. Take the time to educate the employees on the new brand, the vision behind it, the story that is being crafted, and the benefits expected to be seen, within the organization. When rebranding Thrive, the president Michael Rodrigues saw a drastic change to his organization. In his testimonial video, he says, “The new brand definitely transforms who we are both internally and externally. I have already seen internally from the staff they have adopted the name Thrive and they use that name proudly.” With their new brand he saw inspired employees, which is every managers mission. This inspiration can be contagious through the workplace and leads to a culture of loyal and engaged employees. Isn’t this what every company is striving for?

This is how brand helps build a positive internal culture. It’s stronger than just handing out memorabilia or crafting a vision statement. Your brand message highlights the reasons employees care about their work and your company.

To learn more about the effects of branding for non-profits check out the e-book, 5 Ways Your Non-Profit Will Profit from a New Brand.

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