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Seth Godin: The Man, the Brand, the Inspiration.

Seth Godin: the man, the brand, the inspirationI sat like a kid on Christmas morning in anticipation of Seth Godin taking the stage to deliver the opening keynote for #INBOUND2015. This was the third time I had seen Seth in person, all three venues very different. This digital conference held over 10,000 people at the Boston Exhibition Center. In contrast, a couple of year’s prior, he spoke in a small Chelsea theater in NYC – it barely sat 100. And the first time I had the chance to see him, the venue held about 1,000.

Whether talking to 100, 1,000, or 10,000 – Seth Godin is always on-brand. He challenges you to look at things from a different perspective. He questions things that others don’t take the time to ponder. He has a tremendous knack for storytelling that captivates listeners and illustrates points that create indelible visual memories. He teaches lessons without preaching. And, by laying the foundation of an idea, he leaves his audience motivated to think, act, ship.

Seth attributes one of his favorite quotes to Leonard Bernstein, “I’m not exactly sure what the question is, but the answer is ‘yes.’”

Seth delivers this unique brand of inspiration and motivation no matter the topic or the deliverable. This consistency of tone, message, and thought-provoking leadership is present in every event, blog post, workshop, book, workbook, interview, website, and piece of content that Seth Godin is a part of. The takeaway always remains: Go do something.

UPDATE: 4/16/16 - I receive Seth's blog posts daily in my email, and to my initial distress on April 16th, I read the headline, "I am not a brand." And this, after I've just posted that he's one of my favorite personal brands! But, with amazing insight, he talks about how human brands are "a living, breathing, autonomous individual who doesn't seek to maximize ROI or long-term brand value." All of this is true, but then he points out (and this is why he is truly so insightful), "Actually, if a brand is nothing but the promises made and kept and the expectations we have, then yes, I guess you are a brand. The modern kind, the brand where connection matters a lot more than ads or hype." Aren't we all, at our core, made up of the promises we make and keep?

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