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What an Office Dog Says About Your Brand


Romeo, the new office dog Romeo, is the new star of the office and quickly becoming the best friend of everyone he meets.


As we always discuss, your company culture is as reflective of your brand as the products and services you sell, the claims you make, and your position in the marketplace. When the culture of your company—your employees, their attitudes, the energy in the office—are positive and upbeat, it shapes the image your audience has about your brand.

Guess what helps increase morale, productivity, and interactivity around the office? You got it ... a dog! According to The Boston Globe Magazine, "A growing field of research shows that dogs are in fact good for people’s physical and mental health, forcing them to be more active and social." In fact, “several studies indicate that petting a dog can reduce blood pressure, slow the heart rate, and help calm nerves."

Various businesses are more dog-friendly than others; for instance, you can't really have a dog (unless a service dog) at a hospital, or perhaps it is hard to bring a dog into a corporate city high-rise, but tech companies, ad agencies, and PR firms are considered dog-friendly.

At smith&jones we’ve had an office dog for many years. First there was Kitty, a 90-pound mutt who greeted guests, enjoyed yogurt, and wore a purple bandana. Most recently, a brand new black lab puppy named Romeo has joined the ranks, and the staffers can't get enough of him. Purina even featured our Romeo in their #PetsAtWork Twitter campaign. Kudos to Purina for using social media in a way that completely aligns with their brand. @Purina lives its “Your Pet, Our Passion” philosophy by sharing in others’ love for their work pets (and incorporating the additional #BetterWithPets hashtag).

So what does having an office dog say about your brand? Here’s what our folks think it says about OUR brand.

“We’re approachable and a cool company to work for.”

“We're trustworthy, friendly, and fun.”

"We like to weave enjoyment and energy into our days."

“We’re down-to-earth.”

“We value trust, loyalty, and a good scratch on the belly!”

While belly scratches may be a personal preference, businesses have plenty of reasons for bringing their furry friends to the office these days. What do you think an office pet conveys about a brand?

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