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What is the ideal social media content curation ratio?


The philosophy behind a successful business social media plan is to engage your target market with helpful and entertaining content on a consistent basis. That’s about it.

The problem is, it takes time, energy, research and a lot of creativity to pump out entertaining and educational content on consistent basis. You will need a full content creation department with the ability to research, write, edit, produce quality videography and photography and develop graphics. The other option is to curate a portion of the content from others — reliable, informed sources from around the web. 


What is Social Media Content Curation?

The mission of content curation is to find the absolute best material to share with your followers. Essentially, you find great content that is relevant to your audience and followers, and share it on your company’s social media profiles. In addition to saving you time, it also positions your brand as a trustworthy source of valuable information. You want to move away from the perception of a salesperson who is always pushing their opinions and hawking their wares. By curating content, you are providing valuable information with no strings attached. You are a trusted advisor, not a salesperson. People are looking for trusted advisors and avoiding salespeople.

To recap, there are two great reasons to that curated content should be a big part of your social strategy:

  • Small and medium sized businesses will struggle to create enough content over the long-haul. Content curation helps with that.
  • You are now positioned as a trusted advisor; exactly what people are looking for.

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The Ideal Content Curation Ratio

Understanding that content curation is important the question becomes, what is the correct curation to creation ration? We gathered from several of the most reputable sources to come to a basic consensus.


  • Rallyverse, believes in the 30/60/10 rule. Thirty-percent should be content you’ve created, sixty-percent should be curated from others and ten-percent should be direct calls-to-action.
  • Kipp Bodnar, author of The B2B Social Media Book, is credit with popularizing the 10/4/1 rule. He believes that out of every 15 posts, 10 should be of curated content, 4 should share created, informational content, and 1 should be a hard sell like a discount coupon.
  • Convince and convert recommends sharing your site/content 25%-50% of the time (with an ideal rate of 40%) and curating content from others the remaining 75%-50% (with an ideal mark of 60%).
  • Curata, yet another expert in the content marketing field, believes the ratio is 65% curated, 25% created, 10% CTA.

You should be noticing a trend by now. Content marketing experts are finding the 60%-70% range is ideal for content curation.

Provide Thought Leadership

To be clear, the point is not to mindlessly retweet or copy, paste and post links. The goal is to provide useful information with your own thoughts attached. Provide a sentence or two about whether you agree or disagree, or introduce a new angle to the discussion that might not be covered in the content you are sharing. Remember, you are a thought leader and you have valuable insight to help your followers make sense and obtain perspective of the information they are about to digest. 

Social is a powerful part of your marketing plan. However, strategy always comes first. With every client, we develop a social media playbook before we ever start posting. This ensures that a solid strategy is in place. If you would like to learn more about our social media playbook and the resulting social butterfly program, download our free preview.  <> You may also be interested in reading the following:


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